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You asked Arctic leaders to lead the way on polar bears, and they're listening.

Today in Moscow, leaders from the five polar bear countries committed to research and habitat management that will make a real difference for polar bears in the coming decades.

This is a great first step - research into the world's polar bears is a vital tool in keeping their populations healthy.

But without global action on greenhouse gas emissions, climate change will ultimately erode the sea ice habitat on which the bears rely.

Governments and institutions in the Arctic and beyond can help slow the melt by investing in renewable energy.

WWF will be monitoring the progress of the polar bear countries, and we'll keep you informed.

Thank you again for being a voice for polar bears.

Want to do even more for polar bears?

Your message to Arctic leaders:

Forty years ago, the "range states" where polar bears live in the wild - Norway, the US, Canada, The Kingdom of Denmark, and Russia - signed a legally-binding agreement to conserve polar bears and their Arctic habitat. We say thank you for taking the first step.

In December 2013, the range states will meet again to plan for the future of polar bears and their Arctic home. That future is uncertain, as climate change rapidly alters the Arctic, melting the sea ice polar bears need for their survival.

We ask the range states to lead the way again, by...

  • Completing a global conservation plan and putting it into action by 2015
  • Committing to vital research on polar bear population status and habitat requirements by 2016
  • Working with Indigenous peoples, the international community, corporations, and organizations to make this work a reality.

Let's make 2013 the Year of the Polar Bear.